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Manipulated Image Product: Light to Dark

Original Image:

MI Light to Dark original

Manipulated Image:

MI light to dark manipulated image

Manipulated Image:  Light to Dark

By:  Rachael H.




Steps -

1.       I used Photoshop and inserted the original image.

2.       I cropped the photo to cut some of the brick wall out.

3.       I made a copy of the original image.

4.       Then on the copy I adjusted the Hue/Saturation and the Curves to make it darker.

5.       I added a blue photo filter to the photo.

6.       Next, on the background copy I added two layer masks. One to add selective color and one to adjust the brightness/contrast.

7.       Then I made another copy of the original image and adjusted the Hue/Saturation to make it brighter and adjusted the Curves to also make it brighter.

8.       I also added warming filter 81 to the photo.

9.       I then added a layer mask to the previous step’s layer and poured the Black Paint bucket to bring the darkness from step 5’s layer onto this layer.

10.   Then I selected the layer mask from step 9  and took the paint brush in white paint and  brought light back into the photo onto lamps and windows.