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Music has many different genres and forms. While I enjoy many different types of music,
including country and classical, I listen mainly to Pop music. Of course, Pop is a broad category.
The songs I like are fast, intense (at least by Pop standards) and are exciting enough to keep
the listener interested the whole way through. This is what I hoped to accomplish when I began
this project.

However, I did not just choose this project just because I like to listen to music. I also like
to play it. I have played the piano for nearly ten years, and I can also play the dulcimer and the
guitar. Of course, being so involved with music has inevitably created the desire within me to
make my own.

When I began this project, I had used Garageband before, but I had never attempted a
project as ambitious as this. Whenever I use the program, though, I am always drawn to the
eerie, haunting sound loop titled “Electric Piano 1.” I had used it in most of my previous songs,
so I decided to open my song with it. I created an intro using that sound loop along with its
brother “Electric Piano 6” and a minor arpeggio. I then searched for a good melody until I came
across the loop “Luminosity Synth.”

I pieced together a verse using that sound loop and adding arpeggios, chords, and a
steady beat. I introduced a second melody that subtly overtakes the first, which then leads to
the chorus. I created the chorus by combining the intro with the verse.

I really appreciated the chorus and wanted to end with it, but I knew I needed a bridge to
beef up the song. Because I love the sound of a piano, I built a bridge out of some minor piano
loops to keep the song’s mysterious feel. Finally, I put one more chorus in.

After getting some feedback, I finished the song by adding some subtle rhythms and
putting in some small fills where there was unnecessary silence. I let many friends listen to the
song, and I believe it held their interest. Based on the song’s mysterious, electric mood, I
decided to simply title it Electricity. So please, sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy my
song, Electricity.