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Manipulated Image Product - JFK

Original Image:

Manipulated Image:

Manipulated Image

By:  Caleb K.

Steps of the Project –

  1. Insert original image into Photoshop.
  2. I selected all the grass in the image and split It into its own layer.
  3. Then I added an adjustment layer and edited the saturation of the grass.
  4. Inserted the American Flag into a new layer.
  5. I created a layer mask to match the size of the gravestone.
  6. Then I painted over the gravestone bringing the flag out.
  7. Next I lowered the opacity of the flag so you could properly read the inscription.
  8. I created another adjustment layer to change the remaining parts of the image to black and white.
  9. Then I duplicated the layer mask onto the black and white image to give back the color to the real flag next to the grave.