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Kentucky is part of the WIDA Consortium. The WIDA Consortium is a non-profit cooperative group whose purpose is to develop standards and assessments that meet and exceed the goals of No Child Left Behind and promote educational equity for English language learners. Please select your grade level and learn about their Can Do Descriptors.

WIDA: Guiding Principles and CAN DO Descriptors
  • Standards

    WIDA draws on multiple theories and approaches in an effort to describe language use in academic contexts; this is the language that language learners must acquire and negotiate to participate successfully in school. These multiple theories and approaches form a theoretical foundation that supports the WIDA standards framework.

    The standards framework consists of five components. Some of these components are expressions of a 
    particular philosophy, while others are explicit representations of knowledge. The five components are:

    • Can Do Philosophy
    • Guiding Principles of Language Development
    • Age-appropriate Academic Language in Sociocultural Contexts
    • Performance Definitions
    • Strands of Model Performance Indicators


  • Guiding Principles


    The corner stone of the standards are the guiding principles. 

  • Kindergarten Can Do Descriptors

    The WIDA Can Do Descriptors are commonly used by ESL teachers in coaching general education teachers about differentiated instruction for English language learners (ELLs). They can also be used to plan lessons or observe students' progress.

  • First Grade Can Do Descriptors

  • Second Grade Can Do Descriptors

  • Third Grade Can Do Descriptors

  • Fourth Grade Can Do Descriptors

  • Fifth Grade Can Do Descriptors

  • Sixth Grade Can Do Descriptors

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