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Choose any task below for extra credit.  

Tasks For Extended Learning
  • Science

    Today you are looking in a field.

    Task 1: Write down at least five animals. Sort the animals into two or three groups. Above each group write the reason the animals are in the group.

    Task 2: List four or more plants. Write down three characteristics that plants share.

    Task 3: Why is a dog not classified as a plant? Support your answer with three observations you made in the field about plants.

    Task 4: Create a new creature that is both plant and animal.  Color animal features in red, orange, brown, or yellow.  Color plant features in blue, green, or purple. Give it a classification name.

    Task 5: Use the Venn Diagram worksheet to compare and contrast plants and animals. Follow the directions on the handout.

  • Reading Your Way

           Task 1: Choose a story.  Tell me the theme of the story.  How do you know? Can you relate to it? Use this handout to complete the task.

  • Writing For Fun

          Task 2: Write a story using narrative writing.  Do you like science fiction? How about memoirs? Adventure? Tragedy? Comedy? Write a story of your choice. Use the writing process and Storybird to bring your thoughts to life.

  • Lessons At Your Pace

    There are three levels to choose from. Choose your level and work through the lessons.  Watch the videos in order and do the activities.  The goal is to build your vocabulary and grammar. 

    Task 1: Using your journal, write down 5 words from each video.  Draw a picture that represents the word. 

    Task 2: Write down 10 words from each video. Sort the words into groups. What characteristics did you use to sort the words.  Write the characteristic above the group and underline it!  Feel free to use different colors for each group!

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