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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 7/20/2018 7:52 PM

Find the answers to many of your common questions, without having to call the school.

1.  Can I get a copy of the most recent Natcher Notes newsletter? 

Yes!  Click HERE  for a copy of the newsletter.

2.  How can I visit during the school day to eat lunch with my child?   

Families are encouraged to come visit during lunch.  Family members will be asked to show a photo ID if our office staff does not recognize them as someone already on the student's emergency card. Please always come prepared with a photo ID as we sometimes have different staff members filling in for our regular office staff.

We ask that you enjoy this time with your child in the cafeteria, However, when the class dismisses back to the classroom we ask that parents do not walk back to the classroom with them. We are on a tight schedule of learning and often parents visiting the room during these times can cause distractions for all students.

Fast food items may not be brought into our cafeteria or on the patio during school hours.  Visitors will need to eat a school lunch or bring a lunch from home.  We have an awesome kitchen staff who prepare daily delicious meals which visitors may purchase for only $4.00.

3.  What will I need to check my child out of the building during the school day?

If our staff does not already recognize the person as someone on the student's emergency card, then a photo ID will be required to sign a student out during the school day. Please always come prepared with a photo ID as we sometimes have different staff members filling in for our regular office staff.

4.  What if my child needs to take medicine during the school day?

Our staff is trained to administer medicine (both prescription and over the counter) however, there are a few safety procedures that must be followed by the family in order for us to do this.  Students are never allowed to transport medicine to and from school. It must be brought to school in the medicine's original container by the parent. Then the parent will need to complete a form provided by the office staff.

5.  What if my child is sick? 

Please contact the office by 9:00 a.m. if your child will be absent.  On the day your child returns to school, please send in a written note with your child's name, teacher's name, and the date and reason for the absence. Prolonged absences will require a doctor's statement to be counted as excused. 

Students are allowed 2 school days to make up any missing work from each day they are absent.

It is important for students to be free from a fever for 24 hours before returning to school.

6.  How do I get in touch with my child's teacher?

During the school day, phone calls to teachers will be sent directly to voice mail.  Teachers may not be able to check it until the end of the school day or next morning. The best way to reach most teachers is through their email account.  Every teacher has a webpage as well.  Click HERE to go to the staff directory for email addresses.

7.  What if I need to change the way my child usually goes home?

We ask that you please send a written note with your child's name, teacher's name, and the information about how your child should get home that day. If something changes during school hours, you may call the office but it must be done before 2:00 to ensure we have enough time to get the message to the teacher and child. 

8.  Can I send a special treat for my child's birthday?

We love to celebrate our students' special days!  Any special treat brought to school will be shared during recess and we ask that it be something that can be eaten without utensils or paper products.  Cupcakes, cookies or individual ice cream treats work best. 

Due to the high number of students with food allergies in our school, we no longer allow homemade items brought to school.  However, parents may send cupcakes or cookies as long as they are store bought with the food label attached.  If they are coming from a bakery without a food label, the bakery will need to provide a printed list of ingredients.

We also ask that parents do not send balloons or special gifts on the child's birthday.  Please save these special treats for home!

9.  What do I do if my child has lost something?

We have a "Lost and Found" area and will do our best to return items to their owners. Parents are encouraged to put their child's name inside of coats, jackets, and lunch boxes. We also keep lost eye glasses in the front office.  Approximately, every other month, we send any unclaimed jackets to a local charity in order to make room on our "Lost and Found" cart.  Therefore, it is important to check the cart often!

10.  How do I volunteer at school? 

We encourage family and community involvement in our school. Our Volunteer Program offers numerous opportunities for volunteers to assist from home and at school.  All volunteers must have a completed background check and attend a yearly "Volunteer Training" provided several times a year.  Contact Karen Manley, Family Resource Coordinator, for more information:  Parents wishing to attend a field trip with their child, must also become a trained volunteer through this process.