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Dress Code

 The staff, administration, and family members will deal with any situation that arises that is disruptive to the instructional process on an individual basis.

Shorts, skirts, and dresses: must be no shorter than mid thigh length and finger tip length.

Hats: (of any kind; i.e. ball caps, hats, scarves) may not be worn in school unless they are necessary for health, cultural or safety purposes. Hats may be worn outside during recess for sun protection, cold weather or on designated hat days.

Shoes: are required at all times. Sneakers are required for physical education class. Flip flops/ slides (rubber beach type) and roller blade shoes are not allowed. Wearing of sandals and shoes with high heels are discouraged due to safety concerns.  Due to playground safety, students must wear shoes/sandals with straps on the back of the ankle in order to play on the equipment. Consequence for not following the policy: students will not be allowed on the equipment for that recess period.

 Sunglasses: shall not be worn inside the school building without a medical excuse; a doctor’s note must be presented beforehand.

Hair: shall be clean and well groomed. Distracting extremes shall not be permitted.

Pants: must be worn at the waist and must remain there consistently through normal activity, without having to be held up by the hands. Leggings are not considered to be pants. Leggings must be covered by a shirt/ top that reaches mid-thigh/ finger tip length. 

No skin should be seen through the pants above the knee. It is not acceptable for other garments (i.e. shorts, tights, etc.) to be worn underneath. Patches must be sewn on, thus becoming a permanent part of the clothing. If a hole has frayed strings in place of the hole, no skin should be visible. 

Shirts: should cover the midriff with all normal movement and be an appropriate neck length. If the shirt is sleeveless, it must have wide shoulder straps and no large armholes. Thin “spaghetti” straps are allowed but must be covered. Tank tops and Athletic jerseysmust be worn over a tee shirt or another shirt with sleeves. See through material is not allowed unless an appropriate shirt is worn under it. 

Underwear/ undergarments shall not be visible at any time.

Hooded shirts: may be worn, but inside the building hoods will not be worn.

Patches, emblems, and clothing depicting vulgarity or advertising alcoholic beverages or illegal substances shall not be permitted.


Students who are found in violation of the dress code will be given other clothing to wear during the school day. 

Students who repeatedly violate the dress code will have additional consequences.