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Each Student Required to Complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

During each school year, the state has mandated that all students must complete their Individual Learning Plan (ILP).  The deadline for ILP completion is NO LATER THAN May 19, 2014. Students can access the Career Cruising website to complete their ILP at  If they have misplaced their login information they can get it from their homeroom teachers.

What is the Individual Learning Plan?

The state commissioner has implemented an initiative that challenges high schools to have students ready for college or to enter a career after graduation. When completing the ILP, students are given a series of scenarios that they are asked to answer based upon their interests. Upon completion, the program will then generate a list of careers that the student would be a good suit for as a result of those answers. The idea is to get students thinking in terms of “life beyond high school.” What do they want to do - - go to college, get a job, . . .? Ultimately, we want our students thinking about their futures now and making possible adjustments in their class schedules to help accomplish those future goals.

How can the ILP benefit my student?

The ILP provides a plethora of information that is very beneficial to the student. First, the list of careers that it provides will help the student analyze which careers they would like to pursue. Again, the idea is to spark the thinking of the student. They can research careers, the colleges, the salary ranges, etc. that they may be interested in pursuing.

Second, students input work experiences, community services, etc. into their ILP. When requesting letters of recommendation, they can provide individuals access to that information to expedite the process. In addition to providing access for letters of recommendation, they can give access to colleges that have requested the same type of information.

Third, as our students prepare to seek employment, apply for scholarships, and graduate from high school, each of them will need a professional resume. The ILP has a feature that will build a resume for the student.

If you have any questions and/or concerns or would like to access your child’s ILP, feel free to contact Mrs. Daniels at 270.842.3627 or e-mail her at

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