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Tardy to Class

Tardies to 1st period/block are counted as tardies to school.


GHS building wide tardy defined:  If a student is not in his/her classroom by the time the tardy tone ends, he/she will be counted as tardy to class by the teacher and such tardies shall be reported to the office.


Please note:  Teachers may elect to have a more stringent classroom tardy policy than the building-wide tardy, and MAY require students to:

  • be in the classroom when the tardy tone begins to sound
  • be in their seats when the tardy tone begins to sound
  • be in their seats by the time the tardy tone ends


Each teacher will define and announce to students what constitutes tardies to his/her class.  For students who do not meet the teacher-announced standard for being on time to class, the teacher may assign a disciplinary consequence for each tardy to class.


Tardies to class reported to the office by the classroom teacher will be handled through disciplinary action as follows:


After a student accumulates three (3) tardies to class (turned in to office by teacher) in a semester a letter will be sent to the parents(s).

After a student accumulates four (4) or more tardies to class (turned in to office by teacher) in a semester, discipline will be assessed as follows:

  • 4th tardy:  3 day lunch detention
  • 5th tardy:  5 days lunch detention
  • 6th tardy:  after school detention
  • Each tardy after the 6th will result in 1 day ALC
  • 7th tardy:  parent conference (in addition to ALC)
  • 10th tardy:  student forfeits prom and class reward activities (in addition to ALC).


Office-assigned after school detentions (usually held on Tuesdays) will be assigned based upon the next available slot in the detention schedule.  Students/parents will be expected to make necessary accommodations for their child to attend the assigned detention.  Assigned detentions take priority over work schedules, extra-curricular school activities including athletic events and school-related trips, and personal activities such as trips.  Students who miss a 1.5 hour after school detention will be scheduled to spend 1 day in ALC.  Teacher assigned detentions do not substitute for office-assigned detentions.


Once an 10th tardy has been accumulated in a semester, regardless of which semester it occurs in, the student forfeits prom attendance and senior class reward activities (if applicable).


Students are responsible for knowing the tardy policy of each of their teachers.  Teachers are expected to notify students when they accumulate a tardy, but teacher failure to notify the student does not absolve the student of the tardy and the resulting consequences for the accumulation of tardies.