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Cell Phone Policy


Carrying a cell phone/telecommunications device in the school building is a privilege, not a right.  Students who comply with the cell phone/telecommunications device policy shall be allowed to bring a cell phone/telecommunications device into the building so long as it is not handled and it does not emit a noise (including vibration); students who are either unwilling or unable to comply with the policy, shall have the privilege of carrying a phone within the school building revoked.  Upon the 5th cell phone violation, the phone will be collected and held until the end of the school year, or for eight (8) weeks, whichever period is the longest in duration at the time of the infraction.  Neither Greenwood High School, nor the Warren County Board of Education are responsible for any fees associated with any phone or device that is being held due to violations of school policy. 


Teachers may allow students to use cell phones/telecommunications devices in the classroom for educational purposes.  Teachers are to announce clearly the purpose for using the devices, when students are to get their devices out and when they are to put them away. 

Zero tolerance for defiance related to cell phone/telecommunications device violations


At any time a staff member directs a student to surrender a cell phone/telecommunications device, the student will be expected to do so immediately (without deleting anything, without setting security codes) and without complaint.  ALL components, including the battery and SIM card are to be surrendered as well.  Failure to surrender a cell phone immediately is an act of defiance, and will result in the loss of the cell phone privilege for the remainder of the school year, as well as a referral to the Alternative to Suspension Program (ASP).  If a student feels the staff member is taking up the phone due to a misunderstanding, the student must still surrender the phone immediately as directed.  The student will be able to discuss the matter with an administrator at a later time, but the student is expected to fully cooperate with the staff member requesting the phone.  Not surrendering the item immediately upon request counts as an automatic cell phone /telecommunications device violation, and it will only result in escalated consequences for defiance, in addition to a ban for carrying a phone for the remainder of the school year.


Once a student has been notified by an administrator that he/she has lost the privilege of possessing a phone/telecommunications device on school property during instructional time, any phone/telecommunications device that student is found to be in possession of during instructional time shall be confiscated for the remainder of the school year; the student shall also be referred to ASP for defiance.




During the school instructional day (defined below), no student shall use, handle, or activate a personal telecommunications device on school property, while attending a school-sponsored or school related activity, or while being transported on a school bus.  Exceptions may be made by the principal on a case-by-case basis.  A telecommunications device is any device that emits an audible signal, vibrates, displays a message, or otherwise summons or delivers a communication to the possessor.  Cell phones are telecommunication devices (WCBOE 4190.01).


The instructional day extends from 7:30 a.m. until after the dismissal tone sounds at the end of the last block (2:35 p.m.).  Within Greenwood High School, the instructional day status shall be extended to include ESS programs, detentions, and any time or location students are receiving instruction or are under the supervision of a faculty member for the purpose of undertaking an academic-related endeavor.


Cell phones, iPads, iPhones, iPods, Tablets, pagers, PDAs, other types of communication devices, and electronic gaming devices must not be handled, used, or heard during the instructional day unless a teacher or administrator has directed a student to use the device for educational purposes.  If one of these devices is seen being handled, used in any way, heard (including vibration), or is otherwise a distraction, it will be confiscated immediately and the student will receive a disciplinary consequence.  The same policy applies during student assemblies and during times the school building may need to be evacuated in the event of an emergency.  If a student needs to call a parent or legal guardian, the student must use a school phone located in the office.  If a parent needs to contact a student or leave a message, the parent should contact the office at 270-842-3627.  Students who use a cell phone during school hours will be subject to disciplinary action, even if attempting to call a parent/legal guardian, or if retrieving a message or taking a call from a parent/legal guardian.


Students may use IPads, Nooks or other tablets to read in the classroom with the teacher’s permission or in the cafeteria with the supervising teacher or administrator’s permission.


Any student found to be in possession of a phone or other telecommunication device that is used in any way, handled, or heard while in that person’s possession, regardless of who might own the phone, is in violation of the Paging/Telecommunications Devices policy.  The person possessing the device at the time of the violation of this policy will receive an ALC referral corresponding with the number of infractions of this policy.  The owner of the phone will receive disciplinary action for not securing their phone in compliance with this policy.  Students must keep their own telecommunication devices secured at all times.  No student should be in possession of a telecommunication device belonging to another student.


When a phone or other telecommunication device is being confiscated due to a policy infraction, the phone or device and all components within it (including SIM card and battery) shall be surrendered to the staff member immediately.  Erasing messages and/or setting security codes is also prohibited.  Students who refuse to hand over their cell phone or device upon being directed to do so by a staff member will be disciplined for defiance.  The discipline for such defiance would be in addition to the discipline called for by the cell phone or device violation itself.


Any student who is referred to the office for disciplinary reasons and contacts their parents via a cell phone or other telecommunication device prior to being seen by an administrator is in violation of the cell phone/telecommunication device policy and will receive discipline for the infraction.  Any known use of a cell phone during the instructional day is a violation of the cell phone policy.  Students who violate the cell phone policy and have their phones taken up will be allowed to notify parents after the end of the instructional day.


To ensure student safety and academic integrity, administrators reserve the right to check incoming/outgoing messages and times for phones confiscated due to policy infractions.  If a phone was used to make a call or send a message during the instructional day, the student in possession of the phone will receive the consequence (ALC) for handling a cell phone.




1st Offense

  • Written warning.
  • The item will be confiscated by the teacher and will be returned to the student at the end of the school day. 
  • Student and parents should understand that all phone violations beyond the first offense shall result in consequences including the temporary loss of the possession of the phone. 


2nd Offense

  • Five (5) days of Lunch Detention. 
  • The item involved in a 2nd offense shall be retained overnight.  A parent or legal guardian must pick up the phone during operational hours, which are generally 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


3rd Offense

  • One (1) day of ALC. 
  • The item involved in a 3rd offense shall be retained by the school for 1 week.  A parent or legal guardian must pick up the phone during operational hours, which are generally 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


4th Offense

  • Two (2) days of ALC. 
  • The item involved in a 4th offense shall be retained by the school for two (2) weeks.
  • After the 4th offence, a student will not be allowed to have a cell phone at Greenwood High School for the remainder of the school year.


5th Offense**

  • Discipline for defiance to be determined by administrator with a possible referral to ASP.
  • The item involved in a 5th offense shall be retained by the school for the remainder of the school year. 
  • Student will not be allowed to have a cell phone or other electronic device at Greenwood High School for the remainder of the school year.


**Eight week provision – If a 5th  or more violation occurs with less than 8 weeks of school left, or if the student is found to be in possession (after having committed a 4th offense) of a phone with less than 8 weeks of school left, the phone will be held by the school for 8 weeks beyond the date of the infraction. 


Confiscated devices can be picked up by a parent/legal guardian between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, and only after the confiscation period has elapsedPhones/devices not picked up within six (6) weeks of the date of the end of a confiscation period are forfeited to the school and may be donated to a non-profit organization.  Greenwood High School is not financially responsible for phone service contracts or bills for any phone, including confiscated phones.  Students and parents should not expect exceptions to be made regarding the confiscation periods of telephones. 


Parents will be required to sign a form which indicates they understand the school policy and the consequences for further phone violations before staff will release confiscated phones.


Students are strongly encouraged to keep their cell phones and devices OFF at all times; after the instructional day ends, messages can be retrieved once phones are turned on.  Parents are strongly encouraged to stress the importance of student compliance with the cell phone policy, as the policy will be strictly enforced.