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Teacher-Peer Visits

Last Updated: 11/5/2018 6:20 PM

Teacher Peer Class Visits




The purpose of the Peer-Teacher Visit is to learn from one another and to help us reflect upon our own practices.  This is not an evaluation of any form; this is a visit with a resident expert.  This is not meant to add stress but to allow the opportunity to observe all the great work going on in the classrooms around us.  We have many, many wonderful teachers doing all kinds of effective and innovative things in their classrooms that could work for other teachers.  This is your opportunity to steal some great ideas, take them back to your classroom and make them your own.  While you are visiting take the opportunity to compare and contrast the way you do things with the way the teacher you are observing.  Here are some things to think about while you are observing:

Teaching Methods

What is the teacher doing?  How is the lesson being delivered?  Are they using any methods you recognize from Thinking Strategies,  Thoughtful Ed or do they just have some really great methods they have developed that work well with their curriculum?   Do you see anything you might “borrow” or want to know more about?

Classroom Management

How are disruptions handled?  How do they hand out papers?  How do they collect homework?  How do they take attendance? How does the teacher keep students on task?  How do they make sure that students know what their assignments are and when they will be assessed? 

Classroom Interactions

            How does the teacher interact with the students and how do they interact with each other? 

Physical Environment

Look at the ergonomics of the classroom you are observing. How is the classroom arranged?  Do they have a great set up to make an overcrowded room less crowded?  Is the setup one which is conducive to a discussion (if discussion fits into the curriculum they are teaching)?   Do they have a great seating arrangement for partner and group activities?  

Beginnings and Endings

How does the teacher begin and end the class?

HOW IT WORKS        

  • Each teacher will make four visits: one visit within your cluster and three visits of any teacher you wish.  You need to sign up for the visit within your cluster at Google Drive/Gator Folder/Teacher Peer Visits/Teacher Peer Visit Sign Up (you must be signed in to your WCPS Google account to access this). Get together with your cluster to sign up for visits within your cluster. (Our PLC day would be perfect for this).  You will need to work around planning periods. Please sign up by no later than October 31. 
  • A visit should last at least 20 minutes but you are encouraged to stay longer so you can observe how the teacher you are visiting manages both beginning and ending class.  
  • Agree upon a date and class with the teacher you will be visiting ahead of time.
  • Complete online the Teacher-Peer Class Visit Form the during or after your visit.   You can check out an iPad or Chrome Book from the library if you need a device to use. Both you and the teacher you are visiting will receive a copy in your email.  
  • If you know that you are going to be teaching a really great lesson and would like to share it with others, please enter it into the Google Sheet at Google Drive/Gator Folder/Teacher Peer Visits/Teacher Peer Visit Opportunities.  
  • As a courtesy to the teacher you are observing, try to be in the classroom before class begins.  Coming in after the class starts and trying to get settled can be a distraction and some students may have a hard time refocusing. 
  • Remember, this is a visit, not an evaluation.  Relax, enjoy and learn something from a peer.  Look for something that you can borrow or make your own.  This is a great opportunity to learn from our resident experts!  Take full advantage.
  • All visits must be completed before May 1.