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OAR Club

Last Updated: 8/25/2021 6:53 PM


The Legend of the OAR


Long ago, not too far away the legend of the OAR began.  The date was November 28, 2006.  The place was the Ohio County Eagles' gym.  It was the Greenwood Gators first basketball game of the 2006-07 season.  A small group of rowdy GHS seniors took part in this historic night.  How did this group of seniors come into possession of an OAR that night?  Many tales have been told, and no one knows for sure, but that is part of the mystery of "the OAR".


The OAR made its way back to Bowling Green that evening and started showing up at Gator basketball games.  As its popularity increased, the OAR began to change.  It turned green, and yellow marks were added.  As the OAR began to change, so did the Greenwood fans.  Swamp fever overtook them, and a new markings of victory appeared on the OAR and the crowds grew larger and larger.  By March, the OAR had attracted the attention of almost every GHS student.  Basketball madness, dancing, cheering, chanting, and shouting all accompanied the OAR wherever it went, even into the Purples' Den, where it reigned victorious every time.  The OAR even made its way to Diddle Arena for the final game of the 4th Region Tournament.


Why an OAR?  Does it have special powers?  No one really knows.  What we do know is that the OAR managed finally to bring an entire student body together for what we know in Kentucky as Basketball Madness.


The OAR of 2007 has left its mark in the Greenwood history book and in the hearts and minds of the 2007 GHS senior class.  On April 20, 2007, in a ceremony before the entire student body, the OAR was retired.  However, it did not go quietly.  It managed to make its way to the Capitol Arts for an appearance in the GHS musical "Beauty and the Beast".  The OAR was present at graduation to bid farewell to the 2007 Senior Class.  The OAR made its final appearance with the Lady Gator softball team as they won the Kentucky State Championship.


Now the OAR looks over all as they enter the hallowed halls of Greenwood High, where is will remain, FOREVER!


Long Live the OAR and GO GATORS!


The purpose of the OAR Club is to promote school spirit within Greenwood High School.  OAR Club members are to attend school functions, support our sports teams as often as possible and protect the OAR at all times.  At meetings, members are encouraged to suggest ideas for homecoming week, pep rallys, ballgame themes, student section activities, etc.

Sponsors:  Natalie Dyer and Alex Holder

Dues:  $10

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