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Public Relations



Dr. Tracey Young, Director of Grants and Community Outreach

Lauren Thurmond, Communications Coordinator

Dale Parker, Media Production and Voice & Data Communications Specialist


The Warren County Public Schools District is committed to keeping our students, staff, families and community well-informed about news and events impacting our district.  On our district webpage, you will find information and links to each of our departments and schools.  We encourage you to utilize this resource as often as possible, so that you are up-to-date on the issues affecting our students.  In addition to our district website, WCPS offers several forms of communication to help you stay connected.

1. School Websites

2. School News Letters

3. Facebook

4. SchoolWay Up

5. WCPS Twitter: Follow us @WarrenCoSchools

Many schools have created their own Twitter Accounts and Facebook Pages.  In a world of constant communication, we strive to keep you and your family well-informed.