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The Warren County Preschool Program empowers students and families by nurturing social and emotional competence and developmental opportunities for preparation in meeting Kentucky's Kindergarten Readiness Definition.


Eligibility Criteria

The Kentucky Preschool Program is available at no cost to all children determined to be eligible.

Four-year-old children without a disability or developmental delay must meet ALL the following criteria:

o   Must be four years old before or on August 1 of the current school year

o   Must be a resident of the Warren County School District

o   Must meet income eligibility guidelines 

Three and four-year-old children may be eligible for preschool upon the child’s third birthday if the determination has been made by the Admissions and Release Committee that the child has a developmental delay or disability and may be in need of special education services.  


To begin the process of determining if a child will qualify based on any of the following criteria, please contact the Preschool Office at 270-551-2180.

  • To qualify based on family income
  • To determine if a child has a disability or developmental delay and qualifies for special education services

If it is determined that your child does not qualify for the Warren County Preschool Program, you are encouraged to consider our tuition program.

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Director of Elementary Instruction

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Assistant Preschool Director

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Preschool Consultant


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Preschool Consultant