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Superintendent's Message

Rob Clayton

WCPS Community,


I hope this message finds you and your family doing well. On February 2, 2021, WCPS announced plans to return to in-person learning (Mondays-Thursdays) on March 1, 2021, with no change to our Virtual Academy. Since that time, many things have happened “behind-the scenes” to prepare for this special day.  Most notably, the majority of our educators have received their second and final round of COVID vaccinations. The WCPS Reopening Task Force also continues to meet regularly to discuss the district’s implementation of the Healthy At School guidelines as we move forward. Our teachers are eagerly preparing for the return of our students to a more traditional schedule while also providing continued learning opportunities through Distance Learning. It’s been a busy but exciting time as we take the next major step in returning to our “better than normal” routine. You may have already seen our #WelcomeBackWCPS challenge on social media, but if you missed it we have a few more fun events planned to help everyone gear up for our “four-day-a-week” return to the classroom. Be on the lookout for more fun contests on Twitter and Facebook!


Your principal will continue to provide school-specific updates as we approach March 1st, but I would like to include a few items of importance so you may refer back to this communication as needed.


Important Dates:


  • February 15, 2021 - Presidents’ Day: No in-person learning or Virtual Academy Classes


  • March 1, 2021 - Return to in-person instruction (Mon-Thurs) with no change to our Virtual Academy


  • March 4-5, 2021 - Professional Learning Day: No in-person learning or Virtual Academy Classes 


Helpful Resources:

  • Reopening Practices/Procedures: This infographic outlines what families can expect as students return to the classroom. It includes details about our daily health screenings, hand hygiene practices, and an update on social distancing expectations.


  • Safety Enhancements and Updates: Here you will find a comprehensive list of our safety enhancements as we work to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, such as our use of Bipolar Ionization technologies, electrostatic sprayers, and new air filtration systems.


  • 2020-21 School Calendar: WCPS plans to continue utilizing Distance Learning days in the event of an inclement weather event or potential school closure throughout the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. For this reason, we do not anticipate any additional amendments to the academic calendar.  However, if we have a traditional “snow day” in which we do not offer Distance Learning, the missed day of school would be made up later in the school year.  A copy of our district calendar is always available on our district website, but you may refer to the link above at your convenience.


As always, our school leaders will be sharing reminders as we approach each of these dates and I encourage you to contact your school directly if you have any questions.  In closing, thank you for your continued support and as always, feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to support your student.  Take Care!


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