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Healthy Holiday Parties

It's that time of the year! Parents and teachers are busy preparing for student holiday parties. Are you looking for healthier options for your school parties? Consider these suggestions provided by the Center for Science in the Public Interest:

  • Savor the flavor. At the party, serve no more than one sugary/ higher-fat item. Provide mostly healthier party snacks and non-food goodies.
  • Groove & Move. Instead of a sit-down and eat party, get up and go with the following activities: sack races, parades, pin the nose on the turkey, Santa, or reindeer; musical chairs, etc.
  • Story time! Shift children's focus away from candy to: reading and writing stories appropriate to the holiday or season, making masks out of paper plates or creatures out of egg cartons, acting out short plays or learning about holiday history.
  • Make good food look unique. Use holiday-themed cookie cutters to make sandwiches or fruit more interesting. Decorate the room, serve food and holiday-appropriate plates, napkins, cups or straws; and design and fill treat bags with cereal mixes or other healthier snack foods.

Healthy Party Snacks

  • Water, 100% Fruit Juice, or 1% or Skim Milk
  • Apples
  • Carrot Sticks & Low-Fat Dip
  • Dried Apricots
  • Grapes
  • Orange Cut into Wedges
  • Light or Low-Fat Popcorn
  • Tortilla Chips and Salsa
  • Whole Wheat Fig Newtons
  • Fruit Cups