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Transportation for Preschool Children

Important Preschool Information

State law requires all preschool parents or their adult guardian to bring the child to the designated pick-up and drop-off point. Please hold their hand to make sure they do not run in front of the school bus. There must be an adult available to meet the bus when they are delivered home. Please do not allow them to run out to the bus. Your child’s safety is our number one priority and we need your help with this! Thanks for helping us keep your child safe!

Transportation of Preschool Children

We need your help to ensure the safety and confidence of our children. Last year we encountered problems because parents were not present to receive their preschool age children. As a result bus drivers were required to either make an additional trip back to the home or return children to the school. This creates a problem first for the child, and then the parent, bus driver, and school staff as well.

Our children depend on us for their well-being. It is extremely important that parents be on time at the bus drop-off point. We realize that situations beyond our control sometimes occur. However, repeated instances of a parent being absent to receive a child are not acceptable.

The safety of children is first and foremost. We reserve the right to suspend transportation privileges if parents fail to be at the designated drop off location on time.

School bus transportation is the most cost-effective, reliable, and safest mode of transportation for students. Please ensure the safety and confidence of your children and make sure you are at the drop off point at least five minutes prior to your child’s bus arrival time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.