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Riding Tips

Last Updated: 8/7/2018 1:02 PM
  •  Wear bright clothes so that drivers can see you. Do not wear anything that could catch on the bus when you are getting on or off. For example, drawstrings can catch on handrails.?
  • Be on time: Leave home early enough to avoid having to hurry to the bus stop. Tips for Making Your Ride on the School Bus Fun & Safe
  • Stay out of the road: Wait for your bus in a safe place. Watch for traffic. Stay away from strangers.?
  • Wait for the bus to come to a full stop: Board the bus safely - no pushing or shoving. Sit down as soon as you can. It is not safe to stand up on the bus.?
  •  Keep the aisle clear: Pack your things in a book bag or backpack. Keep your bag on your lap or under the seat. Keep your arms and legs out of the aisle. No tripping.?
  •  Keep your hands inside the bus: Never throw anything out of the window.  Do not lean against the window.?
  • The bus driver plays an import part in keeping you safe. Only speak to the driver while helping with routes or in emergency situations while the bus is in motion. Your safety is our main concern!!
  • Stay in your seat: Stay seated until the bus comes to a full stop.  Then get off the bus as promptly as possible.?
  • Cross at least 10 steps in front of the bus: Make sure you are at least 10 feet from the bus and you can see the bus driver's face and never walk behind the bus or close to the wheels.?
  • Wait until the bus driver signals you across and double-check for traffic both ways before crossing.?
  • Tell the bus driver if you drop anything under the bus: Never reach or crawl under any part of the bus.?
  • Know the Danger Zone: Always be aware of the Danger Zone and be very careful.