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Warren County Public Schools Intervention Notebook

Updated Spring 2018


The Warren County Public Schools Intervention Notebook is a collection of resources from a multidisciplinary group of educational professionals.  All attempts were made to include only strategies and programs that have research to support their effectiveness.   See the attached Reference list. 


This digital document was created to serve as a resource for our Response to Intervention (RTI) teams.  For a student who struggles in a particular area, the recommended practice in Warren County is for a Student Success Team to brainstorm interventions and develop a plan to support the student.  Data should be collected to assess the effectiveness of the interventions.  The Student Success Team will make decisions about continuing or altering interventions based on the data collected.   Refer to the district’s RTI policy.  This document is a continuous work in progress and is not all encompassing.   Warren County does not intend for this to be a recommendation or endorsement of any particular program.