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WCPS Energy Saving Program Update



The Warren County Public School (WCPS) District has entered into an energy savings project that will result in $839,174 in utility and operational savings per year. The project highlights include multiple geothermal HVAC renovations, new HVAC control systems, LED lighting, plumbing upgrades, photovoltaic solar panels, roof and window replacements, and several other various mechanical and electrical upgrades throughout the district. By replacing and upgrading outdated equipment, the district will see drastic reductions on electric, gas, and water consumption. Not only will this project benefit the district financially, but upgrades are also engineered to create a better learning environment for students and teachers who utilize the school buildings every day.


The WCPS District entered into a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract with CMTA Energy Solutions in partnership with Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects and Alliance Corporation, where construction costs total $30,324,085. Through the contract, the district was able to finance much needed system upgrades through savings from the project.


The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet awarded WCPS a $375,000 environmental mitigation grant to further complement energy savings. Funds will be used for the purchase and installation of 520 kW of roof mounted solar photovoltaic systems across four schools.


Rebates will be awarded to Warren County Public Schools. The project includes measurement and verification tracking for the next 20 years to ensure that the energy guarantee is being met.


Construction started during Christmas break with a geothermal HVAC renovation at Greenwood High School. Warren Central High School, Warren Elementary School, Warren East High School, and Natcher Elementary School will also receive new geothermal HVAC Systems during 2018 and 2019. In addition, Lost River Elementary will receive a new HVAC system. The district will receive new direct digital HVAC control systems to monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot HVAC systems at 20 buildings. Lighting upgrades throughout the district will include more than 23,000 fixtures being installed with LED technology. Envelope upgrades include a new roof at Warren Elementary School and new windows at 3 Elementary Schools. WCPS is continuing their leadership in solar energy production with 520 KW of solar panels at 6 locations, including one net-zero school.


CMTA Energy Solutions is a division of CMTA, Inc. that is dedicated to Guaranteed Energy Savings through Performance Contracting and Energy Audits. They have obtained energy savings for a multitude of facilities in more than 30 counties throughout Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio. The company is committed to finding the best quality energy solutions with the highest guaranteed utility savings to benefit every district, school and student. 


Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects and CMTA Consulting Engineers have provided innovative, energy efficient design services for Warren County Schools for 30 years. Notable projects include:

  • Richardsville Elementary, the first net-zero school in the United States
  • Jennings Creek Elementary, Kentucky’s next net-zero school
  • Bristow & Jody Richards Elementary – 2 net-zero ready elementary schools
  • Alvaton Elementary, Kentucky’s first ICF School


Warren County School District Guaranteed Energy Savings Project Fact Sheet

  • Schools included in project: All schools in Warren County Public School District.
  • Full HVAC renovations at Greenwood High School, Warren Central High School, Warren East High School, Warren Elementary School and William H. Natcher Elementary School, Lost River Elementary School.
  • Partial HVAC renovations at Briarwood Elementary School, Henry F. Moss Middle School, and Warren County Aquatics Center.
  • Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet awarded WCPS a $375,000 environmental mitigation grant for the purchase and installation of 520 kW roof mounted solar PV systems across four schools.
  • Anticipated Rebate of $160,000 from TVA to WCPS.
  • Over 23,000 LED fixtures will be installed throughout the district.
  • High efficiency plumbing upgrades at 15 schools throughout the district.
  • Irrigation sub-metering at South Warren High/Middle School and Greenwood High School.
  • Electrical infrastructure upgrades at Henry F. Moss Middle School, Warren Central High School, South Warren High/Middle School and Warren East High School.
  • Roof replacement at Warren Elementary School.
  • Window replacements at Rich Pond Elementary School, Rockfield Elementary School, and Warren Elementary School.
  • Web-based HVAC controls renovations at 20 buildings.
  • 520 KW of roof mounted solar panels at Bristow, Jody Richards, Maintenance/Support Services, Plano, Warren Elementary School, and Jennings Creek Elementary School. The largest installation is the array on Jennings Creek Elementary school, which will become the second net-zero facility in the district.
  • Guaranteed energy and operational savings of $839,174 per year.
  • Annual utility costs for WCPS district will drop by 23%.

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