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2011/2012 Leader in Me
5th Grade Habit Hero Basket These boys love being Habit Heroes! She loves her Habit Hero slip! Looking a Leader in Me Teacher Websites Synergizing on a Project! This spider "caught" our leaders in his web! Mrs. Sikora's class Mission Statement Leadership roles in the classroom Students synergize and Begin With the End in Mind at Festival of Sand Our "Tootling" board Ms. White loves to "tootle" Preparing for the future bulletin board College preparation What's a GPA? PhD or MD? Various ways to "Begin With the End in Mind" Associate Degree? 6th grades' favorite quotes The 7 Habit Tree-Made by Rockfield students Balance is best! Class Mission Statement Leader of the Week in Ms. Hatchett's Class Mrs. Taylor's Habit Hero Hound Pockets Do what's right Student's developed and signed class mission statement in Mrs. Elms' class Look at my Data Notebook! Journaling about the 7 Habits! Beginning With the End in Mind-Setting Goals! Synergizing Application for a Leadership Position