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South Warren High School
Science Department
Chemistry Teacher
Room:   45
Phone:  270-467-7500 ext. 53045


***** Information Regarding NTI Days for Parents and Students *****

  1. Students should be viewing the NTI Document that has been shared with them each day. This document will have daily tasks for students as well as due dates and assessment dates.
  2. Students will continue to receive instruction and submit homework as outlined in the NTI Document.
  3. As we navigate through this uncertain period, due dates will be a little more flexible than they would be during a typical class.
  4. Students will receive regular communication through Remind. Content will be posted on their class webpage.
  5. Parents should expect to receive a weekly email from me.
  6. Parents and students can contact me via email or Remind. 
  7. Be safe!



Welcome to Mr. Patel's Chemistry Course!!!

Chemistry is the study of the changes in a material’s properties from the smallest part of the atom to the most complex molecules. Basic concepts, equations, nomenclature, and reactions will be explored. Both, qualitative and quantitative models of instruction will be employed throughout the course. Further, demonstrations and laboratory experiments that investigate and reinforce concept will be conducted throughout the course. 

The following units will be covered in this course: (1) Intro to Chemistry and Measurement (including Lab and Safety), (2) Matter and Change, (3) Atomic Structure, (4) The Periodic Table, (5) Electrons in Atoms, (6) Bonding, (7) Acid/Base Chemistry and Chemical Reactions, (8) Chemical Quantities, (9) Stoichiometry, and (10) Gases. In Advanced Chemistry I, we will cover these same ten units in depth with a strong focus on problem solving and critical thinking. Advanced Chemistry I will also cover (11) Intro to Thermochemistry, Equilibrium, and Organic. Advanced Chemistry II will begin with a review of Advanced Chemistry I topics and will continue to learn content that students will encounter in AP or General College Chemistry including: Electronic Structure, Periodic Properties, Chemical Bonding, Qualitative Analysis, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, and Thermochemistry/Thermodynamics. Further, Chemistry II students will work with mathematically complex topics and assignments as well as place a large emphasis on collegiate level laboratory experience. Finally, AP Chemistry will cover Gases, Acid/Base Chemistry, Additional Equilibria, Electrochemistry, and Intermolecular Forces.

Please utilize the course webpage for all other course information including notes, assignments, practice problems, and video tutorials. Please email me for a copy of my syllabus.

Webpage:        (use the Group Code to join your specific class)


2019-2020 Courses:

Semester 1

  • 1st Block: Advanced Chemistry I
  • 2nd Block: Chemistry I
  • SWORD: Science Enrichment (Q1) and Academic Team (Q2)
  • 3rd Block: Planning
  • 4th Block: Advanced Chemistry II

Semester 2

  • 1st Block: Chemistry I
  • 2nd Block: Planning
  • SWORD: AP Seminar
  • 3rd Block: Advanced Chemistry I
  • 4th Block: AP Chemistry


School Roles:

  • Academic Team Head Coach
  • Future Problem Solving Team Coach (Academic Team)
  • Science Department Head
  • PBIS Team


  • Masters in Education - Teacher Leader
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Western Kentucky University in Spring 2012
  • Bachelor of Science - Chemistry (American Chemical Society Certified)
  • Bachelor of Science - Science and Mathematics Education (SKyTeach Program)
  • Minors - Biology and Mathematics
  • Graduate of the Honors College at WKU
  • Graduated from Russellville High School in Spring 2008
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