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Hello, Spartan family! Please read below to find some guidance on our NTI work in English IV.

On Thursday, March 12, students were given a copy of George Orwell's novel 1984 and paper copies of activities to complete for the following three weeks. Each week, students will complete a Moments Sheet, in which they record their reactions to the text as they read, and Guided Reading Questions, which will aid students in comprehending the novel.

Students are also completing a Poetry Response Essay in Google Classroom; a 500 word response essay to one of five poems. Students were given paper copies of these poems on Thursday, March 12.

Digital copies of all work for English IV can be found on Google Classroom; parents and guardians can talk with their students or email me for information on how to access Google Classroom.

All completed work for English IV (1984 and the Poetry Response Essay) should be turned in when we return to school on Monday, April 20. Should our return to school be delayed further, I will communicate with your family on other means of turning in completed work and about any additional NTI tasks.

I am also posting weekly check-in surveys on my Google Classroom feeds as a means of keeping in touch with my students. Please complete these surveys promptly; if I do not hear from a student after one to two days, I may call your family to ensure that you're okay. 

Thanks for reading, please contact me with any questions, and take care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

Mr. Corbin