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Student Technology Leadership Program


360STLP is a student group that looks for ways to help our school and community by using technology. Natcher's STLP is open to 4th - 6th graders at Natcher.  Several teachers give their time to help STLP students with different projects.  


STLP has a magnificent Newscast Team!  We have won 1st place in Newscast Service 3 consecutive years at STLP State competition.  We bring Natcher their MorningNews, every day, live!  Our studio is located in the Computer Lab.  We will be podcasting our news this year.  Click here for the 2013-2014 News Videos Podcast.

This year we are also very excited about our Natcher ebook.  We are compiling student work (GAT & STLP students) to create a book all about Natcher to share with the world.  You will be able to read articles written by students, view photo galleries, and watch movies. Just a few of the chapters of our book will cover:  Natcher Traditions, Clubs, Teacher Heroes, & More.  Watch for us in your iBooks store!



"Natcher's Bookshelf Comes to Life" was a wonderful project that excited the entire student body.  Students wrote and recorded audio book chats.  STLP then created QR codes for the students' book chats for our library books.  You can learn more about this project by clicking on Media Center - Natcher's Bookshelf.  

This team placed in the Top 10 at the State Showcase.  Congratulations on a job well done!

News Team 2011-2012

STLP News Team 2011-2012


2011's 'big' project for the year was our "Leader in Me" project.  We have been searching for ways to help Natcher students and families become better leaders and we think we are making a difference.  Go to the "Leader in Me Initiative" page and click on Student Examples. 

There you will find this year's "Leader of the Month" student photos and an audio file created by the teacher and student that tells an example of how each student is a leader!
We also have created video examples of each of the 7 Habits.  If you have another great idea for how we can make a difference, please let us know.

Last year, On March 22nd, we attended the STLP State Competition!  We have several students competing:
Showcases:  "Where's the Leader in Me"  &  "Lights, Camera, Action"
Graphic Design:  Ethan Keen's Free Bird
Newscast Service:  Ward Deeb and Cassie Boddeker
Gaming:  Peyton Rhodes
Best of luck at State!

You can view the STLP student page from previous years by clicking below and see many of the projects the students have worked on in recent years.  You can also click on Jaguar Journal to see current news articles being written by our Newspaper team.

If you have any questions, please contact the STLP Coordinator at


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