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About Us

Last Updated: 6/4/2019 2:06 PM

 Briarwood Elementary School takes great pride in our mission statement: "Building the Future--One Student at a Time."

This drives the varied strategies and activities that are in place to ensure continuous academic progress for all students.

In the past few years, our diversity has increased with the influx of Burmese Refugees that have resettled in our area.

Educators feel an obligation to help students transition from one grade level to another. The goal of Briarwood is to offer a fair and equitable education for students and the families we serve.

With our diverse population, programming must be planned that address the many needs of our students and their ability levels. Teachers continue to be trained on varied teaching strategies that will address the cultural diversity, varying degrees of academic progress; and improve instruction for all students.

Did You Know?

Briarwood Elementary has served children and families since 2001!

The school serves students that speak 20+ languages

More than 700 students achieve excellence each year at Briarwood