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Reece Spears is in his 4th-year of teaching business at Greenwood High School. Primarily Mr. Spears teaches both the Accounting and Marketing pathways. Mr. Spears is both a graduate of Morehead State University as well as Johnson Central High School in Paintsville, Kentucky. Prior to teaching at Greenwood, Mr. Spears worked as a college admissions counselor at the University of Pikeville. During his time in college admissions, Mr. Spears found a passion for education stating

 “I saw too often students who had ‘fallen through the cracks’. Students who had challenges and struggles as part of their past and who were just looking for a second chance or a way to ‘re-invent’ themselves in the post-secondary setting. Being an admissions counselor, I was limited in my abilities to really reach out and help so when the opportunity came along to go into the classroom full time as a teacher I knew what I needed to do.”

Mr. Spears claims his favorite part of being a teacher to be "building relationships with the students" citing his mother's work at his local high school for developing his interpersonal skills.

"She's worked in varying capacities at the school for 40 years now and growing up in that environment I got to see first-hand just how important building those relationships really are. At this stage of development students are looking for 'guides and mentors' as they discover their passions in life and it's vital in this development that they have someone in their corner showing them dreams can become reality".

Mr. Spears's mother, however, isn't the only member of his family in education as his brother currently serves as an IT instructor at Elizabethtown Independent.

"He's really the one that got me into education as a career. He's 12 years older so growing up and seeing him at different FBLA competitions as a teacher was always really special. Just gave me perspective as to what education can really be".


As for his personal life Mr. Spears says "I'm really all over the place. I'm a sports junkie, play the guitar, love to read, Hulu's a passion. I'm just an eclectic individual."


 As for his favorite quote Mr. Spears draws from an old TV show Boy Meets World for inspiration,

"During the very last episode the teacher character Mr. Feeny says something that really always followed me in life and that's 'Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.' So I've just always tried to do that, believe in myself and my abilities, dream big in my career and bring about positive change in life. To me, at the end of the day, as long as you've made someone smile and feel cared for, then you've done your job well."

Speaking about his time at Greenwood, Mr. Spears says "I couldn't be happier. The culture of the school, community, city, it's amazing. Just how supportive everyone is, is something truly special. Very glad, I get to work with such talented students and staff". 


Since the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Spears has also started planting his roots at Greenwood, as he recently was hired as the new Head Academic Team Coach.

"It's something I've always had an interest in. I played on the academic team from 4th grade all the way through high school. [I've] been a part of 2 state championship teams and also been runner-up a few times as well. I just want to find a way to really give back to the community and to the school and really develop a lasting legacy here at Greenwood."


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