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Classroom Procedures


  • I will NOT accept late homework. Please have your assignments ready to turn in ON TIME!
  • Quizzes and Tests can only be made up if you have an excused absence.
    We will be covering a lot of material so it is imperative you are present in class.

  • You will have no more than three days to make up all missed assignments.
    If you know you are not going to be present please let me know in advance.
    I will reserve the right to give essay tests in place of missed exams.

  • We will often have classroom discussions. Whenever you have a question or would like to contribute to the classroom discussions please raise your hand and wait to be called on. Excess talking without permission will result in disciplinary action.
  • Please limit classroom disruptions. Have your pencil sharpened, your bladder empty and your mind ready to work. Students who fail to bring all the needed supplies will be counted as tardy.

  • Your name, class period, and date must be in the right-hand margin of ALL assignments. Nameless papers will become automatic zeros!
  • Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated on any level. If you turn in work that is not your own be prepared to
    accept a zero on that assignment.

  • We will often have bell ringer assignments on the television at the beginning of class. Begin work on these activities immediately!
  • All students will have assigned seats. Do not move to a different seat without first asking for permission. I will take a role according to the seating chart. If you are not in your correct seat I will mark you as absent.
  • Class is dismissed NOT when the bell rings but when I dismiss class. Please be respectful! DO NOT gather your belongs in anticipation of the bell. Students who do not follow this policy will be required to remain in class after the bell.
  • You should not need extra credit in my class so don't ask for it. Extra credit will ONLY be given under certain circumstances. There is NO reason every single person shouldn't make a C or higher. If you need extra credit then you haven't done what is expected of you.
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