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Hi everyone! I am Genji Baker and have been a teacher here at Greenwood High School in the English Department since 2004 teaching primarily Juniors and Seniors, helping them elevate their reading, analytical, and writing skills. This is the only school at which I have ever taught, and even did my observations and student teaching here, so I am a Gator through and through. I have one son - MacBrennan- who played 4 years in the GHS football program, received a scholarship to play college football for Union College, and got his BA in English. I live with Saint Bernards, Chihuahuas, and a school of Koi, on 48 acres out in the Richardsville area. I drive a stick shift MINI Cooper and a  Green 1978 Jeep Wagoneer LTD with a CB built into the radio, collect old cameras, love true crime, and spend my free time on stained glass, leather work, and woodworking, or playing ARK: Survival Evolved on both PC and mobile.


My classroom rules are simple:

Be Respectful, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible.

In return:

I will never give busy work - I have worked very hard my whole teaching career to ensure that everything that I assign will benefit you in some way in your future regardless of whether you go into college or the military or the working world.

I will help you succeed in any way I can, so be willing to help me help you.


The man who DOESN'T read good books has no advantage over the man who CAN'T read them.   - Mark Twain

Some fun websites to challenge and entertain you!

*Never-ending ACT vocabulary quiz:

*This is an Edgar Allen Poe based escape room game:

*Are you good at facial Recognition:

*Careers by Personality type:

*Find your Strengths through Multiple Intelligences test:

*Learning Styles test:

*This is a Logic test:

This site is written in Japanese, so here are the directions in English:

-Everybody must cross the river.
-Only one or two people may cross on the raft at a time
-Only the Mom, Dad, and Policeman can operate the raft
-Dad can not be alone w/ the girls w/out Mom being present
-Mom can not be alone w/ the boys w/out Dad being present
-The thief can not be alone w/ any of the family members

-To start the game, click on the blue dot.

-To put people on the raft, click on the people.

-Click on the red dots to move the raft.

Here's some boring stuff about me: Before I began my teaching career, I got my BA/BFA degree in English Literature/Fine Art (clay & fibers) from Western Kentucky University and Northern Arizona University, and part of an MFA in Fine Art (clay & fibers) from the University of North Texas. After that, I got married and worked for a decade: for a TV station making commercials; for an Oilfield Corporation as an office manager, graphic designer, and technical writer; and then for a personnel company as an in-house accountant, office manager, graphic designer, technology manager, and technical writer. When my son was about to begin kindergarten and I got divorced, I realized I was going to miss my son's life if I kept working 60 hour weeks, 50 weeks a year, so I chose to return to WKU for my teaching certification. After completing the certification and receiving a distinguished score on my PRAXIS exams, I was immediately hired at Greenwood and began teaching English I, English II, English III, English IV, Photographic Journalism, and Yearbook Journalism. After teaching a few years, I was accepted into Walden University's Masters of Science in Education/Technology in the Classroom program, which I completed with a 4.0 and Distinguished Master's Thesis on how to better teach students to research and write successful formal papers.

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