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International Club

Last Updated: 3/11/2022 4:40 PM
International Club
A Smile Translates To Every Language

The members of the International Club are committed to learning about other cultures and welcoming new international students into student life at Greenwood.
We have many exciting activities planned for the school year. We will attend the Bowling Green International Festival as a group; we will also host our own International Festival here at Greenwood, including a traditional Filipino dance from our club members; we will host Taste of the Nations, where all Greenwood students will have a chance to experience food from many different cultures. As one of our most important objectives for the year, we have elected an ELL Peer Support Officer who will lead a committee to provide tutoring for ESL students and create a buddy system within our student body to offer day to day support for all of our ESL students.
We are excited about all the possibilities that the future of the Greenwood International Club holds. We encourage diversity as we have adopted the motto "Learn about other cultures; celebrate your own"



Student Officers



Sanja Simic

Rose Sui

Vice Presidents:

Lun Pi

Pleh Reh

Jenny Zheng

Media VP's and Historians:

Giselle Barron

Mary Dim

Htwar Meh

Meh Mo

Secretarial VP's:

Julie Cuai

Sarah Khu

Treasury VP's:

Maung Hsa

Lu Meh


Faculty Sponsors

Jenni Basham

Tim Dethridge

Shelly Towe