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General Information about GHS

Greenwood High School is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Visitthis site for information about our city. Opening in the fall of 1990, Greenwood became the third high school in the Warren County School District. Approximately 1,185 students currently attend Greenwood. The school consists of grades 9-12 and operates on a 7-period schedule. The Site-Based Decision Making Council meets monthly.  

"Our mission is to develop respectful, responsible, and productive citizens. We will be proactive and diligent to create a positive learning environment for all.”

Greenwood High School has achieved a reputation as being a leader in Kentucky education due its student academic successes, faculty and staff recognitions, restructuring efforts, innovative projects, curriculum development and re-alignment, and visionary leadership.  This success has been achieved through the efforts of the principal, support staff, teachers, parents, business partnerships, and community involvement.  Greenwood has been recognized as a Model School by the International Center for Leadership in Education (click here for report).  Safety (Safe Schools Programs) is a Number One priority at Greenwood. 

Due to increased growth in the Greenwood High School school district, the fourth high school, South Warren High School, opened in the fall of 2010 to alleviate overcrowding. After re-districting, students from Greenwood and Warren Central were assigned to attend South Warren.


Student Organizations

Greenwood High School has many organizations available for students to join in order to enhance their academic and social horizons.  Students will have an opportunity to meet with members of these organizations during school during club rush day, which is held the third week of school.

Club meetings will be held in SWAMP time this year.  Students must be a member of a club and on the club roster in order to attend meetings. 

Click here for a list of GHS clubs and sponsors.
Click on the nav bar left link to view club websites.

Club Meeting Dates:

November 29th Club A
December 1, Club B
January 31, Club A
February 2, Club B
ebruary 28, Club A
March 1, Club B
March 27, Club A
March 29, Club B
April 24, Club A
April 26, Club B
May:  To be announced

Greenwood High School - Sports

Athletic Director Notes:
  • Beginning on Monday, August 15th, all Fall 2011 sports are in full swing.  Mr. Dunn will be allowing Greenwood students and parents to be able to purchase sports specific passes and all sports passes.  Senior citizen passes are no longer available at Greenwood.  Here is a list of sports passes and their costs:
    Football Passes and Volleyball Passes are available for the same costs.  Passes are sport specific and not transferrable.
  • Adult-$20; Two Adults-$40; Two adults and one student/child-$60; Two adults and two or more students/children-$80 ($20 per person)
  • Note:  Passes are not valid for the football bowl game or any tournament games.
  • Boys and Girls Soccer passes are available for the same costs. 
  • Adult-$30; Two Adults-$60; Two adults and one student/child-$90; Two adults with two or more students/children-$120 ($30 per person)
  • All sport passes are available for the following costs:
    Student All Sports Pass-$50
    Adult All Sports Pass-$75
    Two Adult All Sports Passes-$150
    Two Adults/One Student Price-$200; Two Adults/ Two or more students/children-$250 (Family Pass-$250)
    Family Lifetime All Sports Pass-$1,000 (may be paid in installments-in one calendar year)
    Student Lifetime Pass-$200 (may be paid in installments-in one calendar year)
    Passes will be on sale in the GHS Cafeteria beginning Tuesday, August 16th, during lunch.  Passes will also be on sale during Fall Open House.  After this week, passes will be on sale in the office until Thursday, September 15, 2011.
  • Costs for Home Athletic Events:
    Freshman and JV Football Games-$4 per person (students and adults)
    Varsity Football Games-$6 per person (students and adults)
    F/JV/Varsity Volleyball Matches-$5 per person (students and adults)
    JV/V Soccer Matches-$5 per person (students and adults)
    Note:  The Fruit of the Loom Bowl will cost $8 per person since it includes two games; it is not a part of any season pass.
  • The football homecoming game will be this Friday, Sept. 9th.  The Gators host Franklin-Simpson.  Game time is 7PM and Homecoming events shall begin at halftime.
  • The deadline for purchasing student/adult/or sport passes will be on Thursday, Sept. 15th.  If you have not received your temporary pass (temporary card), then make sure you contact Todd Tolbert, Athletic Director, by e-mail or you may call 270 842-3627, ext. 1855 to check on the status of your 2011-12 passe(s)
  •   Girl's basketball physicals shall be given on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at approximately 2:45PM.  Cost is free to all female student-athletes interested in trying out for the girl's basketball team. 
  •  Note:  Due to weather, some events may be postponed and/or canceled.  Please have students to listen to afternoon announcements and respond to coaches' e-mail or phone messages when available.

Dear Students and Parents: As principal of Greenwood High School, I feel we continue to develop a challenging curriculum for our school. Advances in technology and job placement demand many new skills for our young people, and this is certainly our focus at Greenwood. We must continuously look for ways to motivate a...
-Greg Dunn